California Documents You Need to File Probate in California Filing Probate in California Process of Filing Probate in California

What documents do I need to file and process probate in California?

Here is a short list of what documents you need to file and process probate in California:

  1. Look for a will at decedent’s home.
  2. If you cannot locate the will at home, contact the banks to see if the decedent left a safe deposit box there.   Banks are required to allow you to look in a safety deposit box for a will.
  3. Gather a list of known assets of the decedent;
  4.  Look for bank statements;
  5.  Stock records;
  6.  Annuity records;
  7.  Life insurance records;
  8.  Tax returns;
  9.  Last Wage records;
  10.  1099s from banks and other financial institutions.
  11.  Deeds.
  12.  Notes relating to assets.
  13.  Credit Card Bills.
  14.  Home owner’s insurance information.
  15. A few certified death certificates of the decedent.
  16. Any Mortgage information.
  17. Any last medical bills.

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