We can assist you in providing you with all probate and trust forms for self-representation in court.  We also have paralegals on staff who can assist you with typing the forms, if you wish.   Each of our paralegals meets the Business & Professions Code requirements for continuing education.   We make Probate easy.

Can you process probate yourself? Self Help in Probate Cases are possible.  In California, Probate can be done by yourself and help is here to walk you through the process.

Working with us is simple.    Complete our intake sheet on the Probate Contact Page.   We will have our customer support contact you and get your forms set up.   We email forms to you in pdf format, and you sign and return them to us.   Payment is by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal only.    Once we know the scope of the work you request, we will send you an invoice before we begin your work.

We are committed to serving you.   Should you need an earlier call, please so indicate in your contact information sheet intake sheet on the Contact Page.