Sometimes probate attorneys who sometimes contingency help on a limited scope representation in certain types of probate cases.   Los Angeles probate services can be evaluated in a one hour per case consultation.   Many of the lawyers who provide limited scope probate service in Los Angeles County have been practicing law for decades and can help probate executors or probate beneficiaries with limited services as well as full service.


You need to fill out our intake sheet and tell us about your needs.  One of our staff will contact you to determine if you qualify for a limited scope probate service.   You must register with our service so we can determine if we are able to refer you to limited or full scope probate attorney.  The lawyers have a right to refuse service for any reason, and our service is not obligated to provide free services to you.  If a p lawyer on our limited probate panel accepts your case, you will then be assigned a lawyer to assist you for a one hour evaluation.

The first consultation is completely probono.  You and the attorneys can decide whether you want to go further with the probate case.  There are several non-profit organizations in Los Angeles that assist probono probate clients, such as Bet Tzedek in conservatorship matters.  After you discuss your case with an estate attorney in Los Angeles, he or she will advise you whether he or she can completely accept your case on a limited scope or self-help basis.