Self Help for Probate – Do it Yourself in Probate Court


SELFHELPPROBATE.COM is a probate service that helps you navigate the probate process complete and close probate court cases with or without a lawyer.  We mainly help serve in pro per and pro se persons in estate court.  This means you are unrepresented in probate but can represent yourself with a little help.   Our probate services also help beneficiaries of probate estates get the information they need and obtain the best probate representation in California probate.  We can help in any California county.  Our probate services are limited to probate, trust, and wills Self help probate service.  Get your probate forms with instructions and start the probate process now.

Our probate service does not provide legal advice, but legal advice is available to you if you require advice by just asking us.   If you need legal advice, you should select the option to retain counsel to assist you.



What is probate self-help? You can receive all of the probate forms and instructions here.   If you have ever thought “I will probate it myself,” or want to probate the estate or will by yourself, we can help you self represent in probate court.  Whether your self-help probate case is simple or complex, asking us will make the path easier for you.  Self-Help Probate is easy in but we do urge you to get legal advice when you are unable to solve the problem yourself and to avoid legal mistakes.

Generally, Self help means do it yourself, and the same applies to probate.

OPTION 1:  SELF HELP  means we provide you with the technology to assist you in filling out probate forms.  You can review the forms and file them with electronic instructions.

OPTION 2:  LAWYER REPRESENTATION: Means you need to get legal advice from a probate lawyer regarding the consequences and choices you have.  You can get this on an as-needed basis without full representation.  

NEED LEGAL HELP IN PROBATE?    Easy Self Help Probate in Probate Court in all California Counties.

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