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Is it possible to do probate on your own in California?

Many people ask us if it is possible to do probate on your own in California.  The answer is yes, with some qualifications.

You can do probate on your own in California, when there is a will, which waives bond.   If there is no will, or if the will does not waive bond, then the options in becoming an administrator fall into two categories:  1) Estate where the administrator is bonded;  2) Estates where the administrator’s access to the cash assets of the estate are restricted, and assets are blocked in blocked accounts.

When a proposed administrator cannot get a bond, appointment will be subject to creation of blocked accounts.  That is not always feasible, if there is a mortgage on the property.   Most bond companies, require that you be represented by an attorney, because it avoids many mistakes by the administrator or executor.

Getting professional help, when it is needed, is not expensive.   A special administrator can be appointed in an estate who can make distribution of assets easy at a later point.   If you are stuck in a hearing, or can’t get past the first hearing, please contact us for help.

Contact:  We can direct you to an attorney who can advise you, as needed, or based on a limited representation.