California Probate a will in San Fernando Valley

How to probate a will or estate in the San Fernando Valley?

Whether you are in the San Fernando Valley or elsewhere, each petition for probate of a will or the how to process starts with information gathering.  When determining how to probate a will, you first need to determine the approximate size if the estate.

You next need to gather the necessasry information regarding the existence of a will.  No will estates are handled through the intestate succession laws in California.  Without knowing whether there is a will, you must start in intestacy under estate administration rules.

Then, you must gather a list of names, addresses and relationships of the closest heirs, or those named in the will.   Probating a will necessitates record-keeping and diligence regardless of the court location of where the will is filed for probate.

Once you have those, you may spent a couple of hours preparing the petition.  Notice to all heirs must be guven, and you must publish the probate notice in a local newspaper in the city of residence of the deceased.

Now that you are ready, contact us for all help in filing your petition.  Need a referral for a probate lawyer? Call us.