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Being pressured by an heir finder in California?

Heir finders or heir hunters are companies who locate heirs or potential heirs by pressuring heirs, and promising to recover for them on a contingency percentage basis.   In most cases in California, if the heir goes to an attorney directly, the attorney can match or beat the heir finder’s rates.   Why, because the attorney represents ONLY the interest of the individual heir, and owes no duty of loyalty to the heir finder or heir hunter.

The heir finder on the other hand, represents many people, not all of whom are legitimate heirs.   Therefore, their loyalty is questioned when there are competing heirs.   The heir hunter has no duty of loyalty to the heir.   The attorney has a duty of loyalty to the heir.

When you are approached by people who claim to be heir finders or heir hunters, who promise to get you a lawyer, ask them if you will have an individual attorney, or if you have to share an attorney with other potential heirs.   If the answer is that your attorney will represent more than one person, quickly leave and get your own counsel.

Question from our viewers:   What can I do when an heir finder or private investigator is pushing me to sign and assignment now?  Don’t do it.  Call us and we will either let you know how to do it yourself free of charge, or connect you with reputable people who can help you get your inheritance.

If you need a referral to counsel who will individually represent your interests, and only your interests, contact us at is a service that helps self represented individual recover assets in probate.  Call 213-260-0026 for help in California Probate.